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Sensory Support: Olfactory. What’s That Smell? πŸ‘ƒ

The challenges of living with sensory sensitivities: A personal story about scent and memory. 

Olfactory refers to the sense of smell, which is one of the five senses that humans use to perceive the world around them. The olfactory system is responsible for detecting and processing different odors, which can trigger memories, emotions, and behaviors.

Scent is very linked to memory

“Smell and emotion are stored as one memory.”

-Dawn Goldworm

Have you ever had an experience where you had a memory come back quickly with a particular smell? 

Did you know that scent is the primary scent until 10 years of age? I vividly remember smelling specific odors, and linking an emotion to it.
Some scents delightful, some scents repulsive.

I vividly remember a moment where the same cologne popped up a core memory and I felt delighted. And another of spoiled milk that brought up more of a repulsive memory.

Those that cause a gag response are noted as sensory sensitivity, or over-responsive to olfactory input. 

Sensory sensitivities refer to the way in which individuals may experience sensory information differently from others, becoming more sensitive to smells in this particular example.

Connecting to the present moment to reflect upon what our body tells us. There is an emotional factor related to so many scents. Taking note and bringing awareness to which scents produce certain memories, is providing you with insight. 

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