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Welcome to Sensory Empower Academy!

At Sensory Empower Academy, Bethany believes in supporting individuals who are overwhelmed by their senses to help them feel empowered through their senses. Is the world too loud, too bright and too much sometimes?

 Providing support through 1:1 intensives, online programming and the power of the Safe and Sound Protocol to support overstimulated adults feel empowered and confident. 

One-on-One VIP Program

Feeling overwhelmed by sensory experiences in your daily life? Meet Bethany, a dedicated holistic Occupational Therapist ready to guide you through our exclusive Sensory Empower 1:1 Program.

This personalized program is meticulously crafted to support individuals navigating sensory challenges, empowering them to achieve a balanced and regulated state. Bethany specializes in addressing a variety of sensory sensitivities.

PASE Method

Do you ever feel like life can be too bright, too loud, and too much? You have options and strategies that you may not be aware of.

Learn The PASE Method 4-element system so that you can know when to apply strategies and tools to be calm and balancedReclaim your best life on your terms.

This course is on-line, and on-demand for your convenience.

Safe and Sound Protocol Package

Are you facing challenges with auditory sensitivity, processing difficulties, or nervous system dysregulation? Discover our Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) package, meticulously designed to support your sensory processing and emotional well-being.

Developed by Dr. Stephen Porges, creator of the Polyvagal Theory, in collaboration with Unyte, SSP is a scientifically-backed therapeutic listening program

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