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Is life too bright, too loud, and too much?

Learn how to get calm and balanced in the moment so that you can reclaim your life.

Empower Your Senses with Sensory Self-Care

Register today for the Sensory Self-Care membership and start getting empowered today!

What Will You Learn?

The Sensory Self-Care membership is on-line, on-demand and available 24/7 for your convenience. To get the most out of the membership, reserve time each week to complete the activities and time each month for the training call. You will learn how to:

  • Understand your mindset
  • Increase awareness of your internal and external environments
  • Identify triggers of your sensations
  • Utilize all of your senses
  • Develop your personal daily practice
  • Create a strategy for daily actions reflecting your Empowerment

Is Sensory Self-Care for you?

You might need the Sensory Self-Care membership if you or someone you are working with answers yes to any of these questions.

  • Do you experience quick fatigue or difficulty with attention?
  • Do you frequently fidget or pick at your hands subconsciously?
  • Do you seem to be “jumpy” with loud noises or avoid loud settings?
  • Do you avoid certain foods, textures of clothing, or types of music as they overstimulate you?
  • Do you have decreased feedback from your heart rate, breath rate, and gut sensations like hunger?
  • Do you have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep at night?
  • Do you have quick emotional reactions and aspire to have more control and awareness?
  • Do you quickly get distracted and procrastinate on things you really want to finish?

What You Get with the Membership


Sensory Empower Academy Portal:

  • Weekly Activity Downloads
  • Meditation Video Library
  • Spotlight Video Library

Training Group Calls:

  • Monthly Training Calls
  • Playback Videos

Community Connections:

  • Membership Facebook Group
  • Members-only online Facebook events


Learning the strategies and using the tools in Sensory Self-Care membership helps you become…

  • Focused
  • Calm
  • Aware
  • Confident
  • Empowered

What People are Saying About Working with Bethany

Realizing about sensory deficits that I had help me too the more compassionate with myself as to how I used to beat myself up as not being more patient with my son. Now having done sensory integration work and learned a plethora of coping skills, I am thrilled that my rain barrel is larger and fills slower. I had hit an all-time high of being completely overwhelmed the combination of my sensory seeking son and the pandemic I was not functioning well. I need help badly and I knew I wanted to get help from Bethany from being sensory overloaded. The insight that I had my own sensory deficits and that it was actually able to be corrected changed our world.

Bethany taught my son many ways to calm his body and relax his mind through yoga and breathing techniques. Before our son started occupational therapy with Bethany, he would get in trouble at school for not listening and constantly being restless. Now after learning some calming yoga moves and body awareness he hasn't gotten in trouble once this year! I attribute a lot of his new success to Bethany for teaching him more about himself and how to be aware of others as well as teaching us the best ways to help him when he is in the red zone.

The progress from when we started to where we are now is unbelievable. Her energy and determination makes it possible for my daughter to achieve her goals. Her passion to customize situations so it ends in success is pure talent. I've never met someone who loves helping others as much as Bethany does. We were meant to have her in our lives, and we are so lucky to have her. It takes a lot of hard word and patience to do what Bethany does everyday. Through her talent and knowledge we have learned so many ways to help my daughter, and I can't thank Bethany enough for that.

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“I want to help you feel empowered through your senses so that you can regain control in the moment and in your life.”

-Bethany Michelle

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