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Lets Talk Sensory Sensitivity

Let's Talk Sensory Sensitivity

In moments of stress, sensory sensitivities may be heightened.

Scents/perfumes are repulsive, even gag reflex activated.

Bright fluorescent lights even more head-ache inducing.

That screech of the chair is like nails on a chalkboard.

Heart Racing. Breath shallow in the chest. 

The protective mode is on in the body and brain: fight, flight, and freeze. The Sympathetic nervous system has been activated. 

I have experienced this heightened response to sensory stimuli many times. I have found helpful tools that have almost eliminated these sensitivities. I am able to manage with more control in the moment.

Want to learn more? 

Taking a step back and grounded my toes into the ground. Noticed the sensation I felt. Verbalized to myself the feeling: discomfort.

Tapping into this internal state and the responses my body had, listening to this powerful intuition.

It was powerful.

Mindfully aware.

Empowered to take charge of my reactions. Not being tethered to this gut or impulsive reaction to situations of discomfort. Empowered through my senses.

Sensory empowerment and slowing my PASE. ❤️

I welcome you on this journey as we both grow and share tools.

This is a program geared to support adults with sensory sensitivities where I have created the heartfelt and evidence-based programs and strategies to help you.

The PASE Method: How To Jumpstart Your Mindful Awareness and Self-regulation Through Sensory Empowerment.





Helping you slow your “Pase”

STAY TUNED for more details! Launching May 4th. Because, yes, I am a Star Wars fan. 🙂

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