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Are you feeling overwhelmed by the sensory experiences in your daily life?

Work with Bethany, a holistic Occupational Therapist on this cultivated Sensory Empower 1:1 Program.

This individualized program is designed to support individuals who experience sensory challenges and help them achieve a balanced and regulated state. Here are some common areas that this program addresses:

Loud Noises: Can be overwhelming and lead to feelings of stress or anxiety.

Bright Lights: Often cause discomfort or headaches.

Busy Environments: Crowded places can be overstimulating and exhausting.

Sudden Noises: Unexpected sounds can trigger a strong startle response.

Sensitive to Touch: Certain textures or types of touch may feel uncomfortable.

Big Emotions: Experience emotions more intensely and deeply.

Strong Smells: Strong odors can be overwhelming and cause nausea or headaches.

Temperature Changes: Can be more sensitive to hot and cold temperatures.

If you resonate with any of these experiences, this program is tailored specifically for you.

6 Month Sensory Empower Intensive:

6x 1:1 Zoom Calls with Bethany: Receive personalized guidance and support cultivated with 1:1 check in forms. Each 1:1 call I will prepare a personalized EFT tapping script to “tap out” the focus emotion or sensation you’re experiencing. 

30 minutes Voxer chats per month: Ongoing communication with the walkie talkie app to help you feel supported in between calls.                                                                                      

6 Month Access to Safe and Sound Protocol with Assessments: Engage in evidence-based therapeutic listening to regulate your nervous system and enhance auditory processing and reduce sensory sensitivities.                                

6 Month Access to the PASE Method Online Course: Empower yourself with tools and strategies to navigate sensory experiences effectively with this self paced empowerment program that has bonus IRest Meditations in each of the 4 modules.

Why Choose this 1:1 Program with Bethany?

This program is for those that:

Feel overwhelmed by sensory input and seek effective strategies to manage their responses.

Want to enhance their emotional regulation and resilience.

Are looking for personalized support and guidance from a certified SSP provider.

Desire a comprehensive approach that includes assessments, sensory education, individualized EFT tapping and ongoing support.

Ready to Begin Your Journey?

Don’t let sensory overwhelm hold you back any longer. Take the first step towards sensory empowerment and transformation.

Contact Bethany to book an intake call.

Experience the change. Embrace the calm. Empower your senses.

Bethany DeJarnatt, MOT, OTR/L

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